Salford University Learning Agreement

With the International Exchange program, you can study with us for a semester or a full year, depending on your program. The program is only available to students from our non-community partners who are currently studying at the school, which is defined in our agreement. To be eligible for the exchange, you must have spent at least a full year at your home establishment before your start date. Our approval should be valid for the duration of your studies in Salford. This is a part-time course with two 30 credit modules from January and March. Delivery is a blended learning approach, which includes teaching blocks and online studies – for both, the prerequisite is that learning takes place in your own field of clinical practice. Please note that your application will not be considered if we have not received a valid appointment from the International Office of your home university. The selection and appointment are made by your home institution as soon as it confirms that you can participate in the Erasmus programme. Nominations must be submitted by your home university`s International Office via our online form.

More information can be found below. With the Erasmus programme, you can study with us either for a term or for an entire academic year, depending on the inter-institutional agreement between us and your home institution. You do not have to pay a fee at our university and you may also be entitled to funding from your home institution, which is intended to support your cost of living here in Salford. All students are required to read and sign a learning agreement when enrolling. You should read it before you sign up. Our university can be the host, provided you are enrolled and studying at a university with ECHE. Unlike Erasmus mobility for studies, there is no need for an inter-institutional agreement between the two universities. We are particularly proud to be accredited by AMBA for our MBA, EPAS programs for our financial suites and post-cycle management programs and CEEMAN for our school organization. Such international accreditations reflect the currency of our programs and the strict quality assurance processes we apply for teaching, learning and development. Also ask your home university if they must meet all the requirements you must meet in order to study or work abroad. askUS, the student services team at the University of Salford, works with NHS community services to ensure that students receive the follow-up and support they need while you work in Salford.

To ensure that you are able to receive medical treatment if you need it, we recommend that you register with a family doctor as soon as you arrive at university. The University of Salford`s licensing agreements mean that certain software titles are available for distribution through computer services or at reduced prices for use on campus or at home. At the University of Salford, you join a community of student support and student creation students from more than 20,000 students from more than 100 different countries, ensuring a diverse and welcoming university experience. We know that access to university can be a scary and exciting experience, but there is no need to worry. We are proud to be a support and integration university and have a range of support services tailored to your needs. Our English-level requirements are defined in our inter-institutional agreement with your home university. Students who promote mobility are expected to have the English language at the B1/B2 level.

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