Tenant Lease Agreement Kenya

In the event of an emergency, the owner and the owner can access the rental without notice. Otherwise, the owner and landlord are entitled to access the rental property with at least [ADVANCE NOTICE TIME Notice for access to reasonable hours during the day for the following purposes: an annual inspection to check for safety or maintenance issues and assess the general condition of the rental property, make repairs and/or improvements, or show the rental property to potential buyers or tenants. The notice of intent to access the rental property is published in writing at the entrance to the rental building or under the front door of the building. The lease form should also contain certain clauses, including the length of the lease, the duration and date of payment of rents, the increase in rent, the termination of the tenancy agreement, the date of renewal of the lease, and the provisions relating to the repair and maintenance of the premises and, in some cases, the inspection of the premises. If one of the following conditions is in place, the lease becomes a controlled tenancy agreement and the tenant is authorized by Section 4 (4) of the Act to terminate the lease by granting a two-month period. My father is a landlord, he rented a building for 10 years, he issued the tenant with an eviction notice, but the tenant we rent court and that is that if all the problems started, the tenant has not paid my father`s rent since and he falsified a lease, now it`s a whole year! What justice is there in Kenya, the tenant now enjoys all the rights, and my poor retired father is still waiting for the case, why can`t this case be brought to the Supreme Court, this tenant is a faking crimal lease and does not pay the rent? I think there are so many areas in the Constitution that still need to be changed! Part VI of the Basic Law generally provides for leases. It is distinguished between two types of leases under this section as follows: long-term rents usually take one to two years. If the landlord or tenant decides to terminate the contract before the contract expires, a termination must be served three months before the vacancy. I paid my rent and bills as usual, now there is a case where the landlord decided to increase the rental fee for the current month and He never gave notice of the rent increase, I am obliged to add the increased amount to satisfy it, but there is no communication on why increase? This is not improved services, states remain as usual and the amount is increased by more than a thousand shillings, for me I am very compromised, please need some advice.

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