The Hague Agreement

The agreement was reached in the Dutch city of The Hague. The information below provides an overview of Vietnam`s implementation of the agreement and is based on the country`s membership instrument and its statements, as well as information exchanged at a recent workshop organized by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office and during discussions with officials of the Patent Office. The notification by WIPO`s International Office to the Intellectual Protection Office must be made in English, as provided for in Rule 6, paragraph 3, paragraph ii), of this article. All parties to one or more instruments of the Hague Agreement are members of the Hague Union. A list is listed below: if no refusal is communicated (or if this refusal has been subsequently revoked) by a designated contracting party within the prescribed time, international registration in that contracting party is valid under that party`s law. A commercial design is not considered irreversible if it has been published in the following circumstances, provided that the application for registration of industrial designs is filed within six months of the date of publication: the International Office of WIPO sends to the Office of the Intellectual Protection Document a copy of the international registration and all information , relevant documents or models attached to international demand. Article 10, paragraph 5, point a). The deposit tax consists of three types of taxes: a basic tax, a publication tax and a designation tax for each designated party. Vietnam made the statement under Article 13, paragraph 1 of the 1999 Act of 1999 that, under Vietnamese law, only an independent and autonomous design can be claimed in a single international application, except: applications for international designs may be requested from the INTERNATIONAL Office of WIPO, directly or through the Industrial Property Office of the contracting party.

, if the right of that contracting party allows it or requires it. However, in practice, virtually all international applications are filed directly with the International Office and the majority are filed via the electronic registration interface on WIPO`s website. Vietnam applies Level 3 of the standard certification fee in accordance with Rule 12, paragraph 1, point c) (c) i). A claim is required in accordance with the common form: “Demand for comprehensive protection for industrial designs as demonstrated and described.” Vietnam made the statement under Article 5, paragraph 2, point a), of the 1999 Act, that an international application called Vietnam contains a right to the protection of the design in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 2, point b), paragraph 3).

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