Trade Agreement Journal

Once the system settings are complete, we are good at establishing trade agreements. The trade agreement can be established from the following route in the system: – PriceDiscTable (the entry is to this table when the registration of the trade agreement is registered. It has the same data that are visible from the “trade agreements” form for the article, the debtor and the lender) Before the creation of trade agreements, all necessary adjustments are taken up according to the indications of my last contribution: Trade agreements (price/discounts) in AX – Setup. Only a few of these configurations are: Sales and Marketing > magazines > awards/discount Retail magazines on how to handle booked magazines and other important utility functions of trade agreements can be seen in the next blog post. 7. Click on lines –> log line form is open to add lines of trade agreements with the necessary information. Another thing that is often forgotten is to define the trade agreement and calculate the associated parameters. The Price tab for AP and AR settings contains the settings for supplements and discounts. Trade Agreement magazines are a very powerful tool in Dynamics 365 for Finance – Operations. with them, a lot can be done and they are quite complex to set up. To achieve the desired goals, a thorough understanding is needed. Access to the content of society newspapers varies according to titles. Account receivables > magazines > price/discount > price statements/discounts 16.

Unit (unit of measurement): This is either a sales or purchase unit and, after choosing the item, it can be automatically returned from the Details of the item form to the positions of the commercial contract. This unit can be taken out of order before booking a trade agreement. If a trade agreement is established for a particular unit and the same unit is used in the order, the value of this trade agreement is returned when prices or discounts are charged from the order. This “unit” is also used as a parameter for the search for active trade agreements. (See previous Post Trade Agreements in AX – Set-up to find out how active trade agreements are searched) 6.

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