Transfer Agreements Alberta

The current alberta transfer guide and information on the portability of certain courses are available online at In general, up to 60 transfer credits (★60) or equivalent (. B for example 10 full courses or 20 half-courses) are allowed in each program, depending on the requirements of the faculty. As a result, the transfer credit is generally limited to the first two years of a bachelor`s program (i.e. 100 and 200 cycles). Credits at a higher level are possible with the agreement of the faculty concerned. Ambrose University is a member of the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT). ACAT publishes the transfer agreements that member institutions negotiate with each other in Alberta`s annual transfer guide and on These agreements define how ACAT`s partner institutions (some partner institutions are the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta and the University of Lethbridge, as well as a number of other post-secondary institutions in Alberta) are accepted to borrow. In order to access Ambrose University transposable to other institutions in Alberta, An Articulation Agreement is a defined, officially approved agreement between educational institutions to facilitate academic progress towards a degree. The agreement facilitates the transfer of credits from the sending entity to its host organization. This guide is not exclusive.

In other words, additional courses may be transferred to partner institutions, even if an agreement is not indicated in the transfer guide. This transfer guide serves as a guarantee for each course. Please note that the final decision to grant transfer credits rests with the borrowing institution. Host institutions often have a minimum rank for transfer credits. Learn more about admission, transmission and assistance in planning your post-secondary journey. The Province of Alberta awards four academic and research institutions (CARI) on the Alberta Systems campus: Athabasca University, the University of Calgary, the University of Lethbridge and the University of Alberta. Alberta`s CARis are committed to developing the alberta campus`s goals, including increased learning within the advanced education system. To facilitate mobility, the four CARIs accept each other`s credit courses for transmission. Minimum grade and program requirements determine the applicability of certain courses to a student`s program. Course equivalents, where possible, are granted to transfer credits for exact course equivalents.

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